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Injury Assessment In Canary Wharf

Where you are at:

You need help with the pain, aches and niggles you suffer on a daily basis and has gotten worse over time and you have come to the end of your tether. You are fed up of waiting for up to 6 months for just an appointment to see a physio. Work is becoming extremely stressful due to this pain and you can’t afford to call in sick anymore. You actually don’t know what to do next and feel as if nobody is listening to you. You are determined to find out exactly what’s wrong.

The problem you have right now:

You’ve seen your GP numerous times who have only prescribed you pain killers and referred you to a physio within the NHS. You have seen other professionals in the past about your pain which only worked for a while and then went back to being painful and in some cases even worse. You lead a busy working lifestyle so time is a factor. You are worried that if this isn’t sorted out soon, you may have to quit your job. Your levels of overwhelm and stress is high.

What you need help with right now:

You need somebody to actually listen to you and find out what is going on. You need someone to perform a proper assessment on you and tell you the results there and then. You want this pain to be fixed in the quickest time possible and give you an in depth guidance on what to exactly do and how to do it to be pain free. The program that will suit you best is our Pain Free Package. This is designed to work on the problematic area each week with hands on approach. You will also be given exercises to do to ensure the pain/injury starts to decrease every week. This will give you great understanding of how to prevent further injury or pain occurring. You also need to know that you are investing yourself to really change in the next 3 to 6 months. You will receive great support & commitment from fixed4sport and you will be accountable to yourself but direct access to fixed4sport will help you stay on track.

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